The Wild Hearts Tour: Sharon Van Etten, Angel Olsen, Julien Baker and special guest Quinn Christopherson.

Join Sharon, Angel, and Julien as they head across the country with their bands for three very special individual sets of music on The Wild Hearts Tour. These summer time shows will be full nights of music and a true experience from beginning to end.

The Wild Hearts Tour has partnered with PLUS1 so that $1 from every ticket will go to support people rebuilding their lives after incarceration. 

"It is with great pleasure that I get to announce The Wild Hearts Tour with the absolute forces of nature Angel Olsen, and Julien Baker. Our aim is to strengthen our respective communities and promote camaraderie in the music world in a safe and enjoyable environment while supporting, A New Way Of Life, an organization that we feel is making genuine impact for the underserved. We have carefully chosen the venues that we think will deliver the best experience for us and our fans. I look up to Angel and have the deepest admiration for Julien. It is an honor, to say the least, to be able to share the stage with such talent on a tour across North America." – SharonVan Etten

"Sharon and Angel are artists that I have genuinely admired for many years and whose music has honestly informed much of my own writing and music making, and I’m thrilled to be sharing a stage with them every night. I think after interacting with their recorded work separately so much, it will be special to get to learn from them as we share the space of performance.” – Julien Baker

"I’m so thrilled to be traveling and playing music alongside Julien Baker and Sharon Van Etten as part of my return to touring. It’s truly a dream to have a shared come back show, something to hold and share collaboratively as we get out from under the last few years. I know for fans it’s something different and special too, and for me, it’s sort of like a caravan summer camp-a chance to get to know other artists in a deeper way and talk about music and life and how it affects us all as we move forward. And most of all I am excited to sing live again, in an open and real way, both alone and together with my tour mates." – Angel Olsen